There is no more famous, or infamous, person in our world in the last year than Tyrell Wellick. Nefarious cyber-terrorist? Hero to the people? Whatever your view of him, Wellick unquestionably changed all our lives on May 9th.

Presumed to be the leader of hacker collective fsociety, Wellick is believed to have masterminded the so-called "five nine hack" that has plunged our world into chaos. And, after doing so, to have seemingly vanished into thin air.

Or has he?

Reports continue to come in from around the country and around the globe from people claiming to have spotted Wellick out and about. is dedicated to collecting these sightings in order to create a comprehensive and reliable database and, hopefully, shed some light on the status of the most intriguing, and most wanted, man in the world.

If you believe you have seen Tyrell Wellick in the U.S. or any other region, please take a moment to report it here.

Tyrell is out there – together we can find him!